Writing a music education philosophy

Save back-up copies of your Philosophy of Education in printed and electronic formats. Aside from special education, music time in elementary schools should be increased. As a music therapist who has worked in the school system for the last decade, it is also in my best interest to put forth a philosophy of music education.

Music is beautifully apparent in every culture.

For Teachers: Writing a Music Teaching Philosophy Statement

The housewright symposium on music education. I believe that music should be taught to anyone and everyone without exception. There is not one definition that can not be criticized by another individual. Vocal music is a fantastic way to equalize students who are English Language Learners and those whose first language is English because the students are required to sing in many different languages so everyone is at the same level because no one knows the language and everyone has to learn it a syllable at a time.

Enabling a student to access that inner expression allows them to grow not only as a singer but also as an artist.

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Early childhood and kindergarten programs often include much music in the classrooms, but first through fifth grade classes are frequently shorted in their music classes.

Participation in music activities is also one of the easiest and most socially accepting mainstreaming activities for some of the children with disabilities. A Teaching Philosophy is an opportunity to truly and personally state what you believe are the most important aspects of teaching, learning, building trust and relationships and more.

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What is the purpose of teaching music. Also, for many students, music helps them to express themselves in ways that sitting in a classroom all day never could. Write a brief introduction--three or four sentences. What do you believe about teaching.

In order for students to learn, they must be involved in their own education and have a say in what they are learning and how they learn and demonstrate that learning. Fortunately, there is a growing base of scientific research quantifying and explaining some of the ways music affects the brain, body and behavior.

So you can get a little insight, below is my Teaching Philosophy. It becomes apart of one's personal entity. And due to these two students' enthusiasm and interest their learning progressed rapidly. What kind of music should be taught in schools.

How to Write a Philosophy of Education

In summary, music is valuable because of its intrinsic nature within humanity and human cultures. What were their methods of imparting the information. I believe that music should be taught to anyone and everyone without exception.

As humans we are able to better recognize who we are by expressing our emotions through art. In order for students to be high-functioning members of society, they must recognize and respect people from other cultures and within their own culture.

Music is also helpful for struggling readers because they can learn by Pestalozzian learning.

For Teachers: Writing a Music Teaching Philosophy Statement

In this section, focus on why you wish to be in the education field and what you feel you can contribute to it. The best learning happens when it is cooperative and collaborative in nature, letting students learn from each other and become more actively engaged in their learning.

Some music educators have pointed out that music, as it exists in the brain, may actually be a separate type of thinking process Lehman, Music Education Philosophy Paper Music is important to our everyday life.

Create a conclusion that underlines and reviews your main points. Also, music should be taught with passion, vigor, and life. Give them a sense of pride Music, in general and singing in particular, is very personal.

Music can be defined in many ways such as a collective organized sound, organized pitches, a common language brought together by similar emotions, a pleasant or melodic stream of sound, and many others. What makes music valuable.

If music is so valuable and necessary in the schools, then music educators must decide what will be taught. See the resource section for an example of a well-structured Philosophy of Education. Each school could offer the core music programs and a selection of specialized music courses.

Through music, I will engage students in activities that require them to be creative, disciplined, flexible, and work cooperatively with others. Although it is the responsibility of the student to practice in order to improve, it is mostly the responsibility of the teacher to motivate his or her students and make them want to practice and improve their skills.

I believe each and every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. If you have ever applied for a university teaching job, you may have had to write a music teaching philosophy statement. When you are writing a statement for a specific position, you want to take into account the institution you are applying for and try to tailor your philosophy to the mission of the school while strongly stating your personal beliefs about the art of teaching.

Mar 27,  · How to Write a Statement of Teaching Philosophy. Before you start writing, look closely at the job ad and the institution's Web site. We're a school that offers education to a Author: Gabriela Montell. The Middleborough Public School Systems does not discriminate in its educational activities or employment practices on the basis of age, color, creed, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, genetic information, homelessness, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran or military status, or any other basis protected by.

Sample Educational Philosophy Statements Sample #1 My Philosophy Statement on Education.

How to Write a Philosophy of Education

I believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. Writing Your Teaching Philosophy. 8 Seminar in Qualitative Research in Music Education, and Seminar in College Music Teaching.

I also teach a number of graduate seminars during our annual summer masters degree program for practicing music educators, including Introduction to. McDougal Graduate Teaching Center () S t a t e m e n t o f t e a c h i n g P h i l o S o P h y As a teacher, I aim to perpetuate knowledge and inspire learning.

Writing a music education philosophy
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