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One of these includes editing the opacity of autoshapes. When I was writing the contents information I decided to keep the words simply and clear for the target audience to be able to understand the contents. I used the same colour scheme as 2 out of the 3 magazines I looked at in the deconstructing process.

Keep my target audience in mind when creating the double page spread I made the page look and feel like the page is aimed for the younger audience. The mise en scene of these images not only connote rock but also some elements of pop.

The alley is the space between images and text on the same page that separates the columns. So I would already know that they are capable of getting the job done. I think that the name NME is catchy and short so people will easily remember it which I wanted in my magazine.

Whilst deconstructed I found out that each music magazine has a certain style and that for each addition of the magazine there was something the same about them. I chose IPC Media because they are one of the largest media institutions in the United Kingdom which is obviously where my magazine would be produced and sold.

I thought this would be more effective and invite the reader to the main headlines of the magazine.

AS Media Coursework - Media Magazine

I kept my masthead over the top of the image as my media product is not well know, and therefore people need to know the title.

Teenagers By doing this I thought that it would be easier for me to construct a magazine about what type of music teenagers are now into.

I really want to include this sort of design. To do this i created a really girl band name and with the name I put it across the top of the page in a bold black. The contents page is attractive to my target audience because it carries on the colour scheme that teenagers said they like.

Who would be the audience for your media product. Graphics Supporting graphics have been used to link the article pictures to the text using faint blue geometric lines.

AS Media Coursework: Music Magazine

With my double page spread I used a variety of photographs to show the girls that were in the band in a different light.

A background colour cannot be seen as the band fills the entire page. The magazine is aimed at both boys and girls. On the right of it is another, much less noticeable than the red one. If you do not do this you will need to purchase more credits.

However I found blogger hard to use and hard to organise my things on. Not many other magazines use blue for their mast head or font, because it doesn't compliment or stand out against many other colours, many more colours work better and most magazine industries choose to go for these because they are the simple way out of it.

The positioning of the image makes it seem as though the band is looking down on the reader, yet the front figure is reaching down.

Morgan Menzies- Media Coursework (Music Magazine)

The differences between Kerrang and rock sound can clearly be seen through their mastheads; it could be argued that Kerrang. To get around this issue I decided to incorporate the image on the right hand side by using the quick selection tool to select his hair and paste it onto the original image.

The main focus on the background of my magazine front cover is of a girls face. This comic has been taken from another user of the site and explains how you can answer question 3 using this software.

When I first made my preliminary task I was quite pleased with it. In total, I think I learnt a lot in progression from my preliminary task to my full coursework product. This layout is conventional as it uses clear columns to organise the writing and uses one clear image as a background.

I feel that the preliminary task which was to create a school magazine helped me lots and I learnt many things from completing it which, in turn, helped me to complete my full product. I feel that my main task in the music magazine has progressed a lot from the preliminary task in that it looks like more of a professional magazine.

There are limitations to this software however. Also, the fact that the magazine is contained in the cover means there is no way to preview it without buying, making the reader want to buy it more.

Rock magazine deconstructions

By using neutral colours it meant that both sexes could read it. My experience with using Microsoft Publisher to create this kind of product a music magazine has been limited in the past but from doing this piece of coursework I have learnt how to use Microsoft Publisher to insert images, add text boxes and create a professional layout for my magazine.

I have done this because the magazine industry chooses to have a person or people I. With a contents page the word contents has to appear some where on the page because my target audience is a younger audience I decided to make the word in bold and have a blue behind the word.

In order to create an effective music magazine it is important that I improve both my photography and photoshop skills so that my magazine, particularly the front cover, looks as aesthetically pleasing as possible in order to.

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GCSE Media Studies Coursework - Magazine research and planning 1. By Jasmine Aldridge 2. Vogue Pop Lucky Wonderland Seventeen Cosmopolitan ID W Glamour Allure V Elle Dazed & confused Teen vogue British vogue Instyle UK Paper Complex Look Nylon Bullett.

In the examples above, we see that both the classical and ‘all round’ music magazines have a clean, yet bold title, whereas Kerrang uses a ‘crack-like’ texture that could connote shattered glass or cobwebs.

At festivals, social media and technology is widely used by this target audience age group as is a newer modern could therefore be used to directly aim adverts for this magazine to them via radio, posters, outdoor ads as well as Facebook adverts.

AS level media studies coursework HELP!!!!! watch. Announcements. I got an A in Media Studies Unit 2 AQA which is the coursework unit so i can try helping you out. My chosen media product was music magazines so i .

Media coursework music magazine
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